Pioneering a novel blood test to detect
all cancers earlier than existing technologies

We aim to redefine diagnostics by precise, accurate detection of cancer by non-invasive organ biopsy using a simple blood test.


Detecting cancer early and accurately can help one access timely treatment and curative interventions. We want to extend science and technology to improve human lives by providing you with a higher likelihood of survival.

For most cancers, when detected at stage one, survival at five years is higher, making it crucial for one to detect cancer at stage one rather than later. Early and accurate detection of cancer can also lead to improved quality of life and better treatment modalities. Over-diagnosis can often lead to the identification of benign lesion of unknown significance, which creates difficulty for clinicians and doctors to make treatment decisions. Further, over-diagnosis could lead to unnecessary and costly interventions that cause undesirable morbidities.

Why is early detection significant? We have all been privy to the mellow whispers of, 'I wish we had known earlier... If only I had more time.' The period between knowing and not can make a significant difference in cancer care and treatment. Owing to the scarcity of early detection methods, Cancer becomes a battle before we have the time to process it. Early detection of Cancer proves pivotal towards the improvement of human lives. It can help optimize the process of its treatment and transform our relationship with the disease. Tzar Labs pioneers an early detection method that can evolve our approach towards healthcare.


At TZAR Labs, we're pioneering the detection of primary, secondary, and tertiary tumors by subtype. We have developed a first-of-its-kind non-invasive patented 'HrC' test (NIHT) through meticulously conducted clinical trials. HrC is a proprietary algorithm developed by our scientists from certain transcriptomic markers that we are able to get from cells isolated in peripheral blood. A simple yet effective and swift blood test has proven exceptional in detecting cancer during the early stages. This process involves the determination of harbinger cells of cancer by identifying specific markers that uniquely depict, diagnose, prognosis, and characterize cancer. As technology, science, and the course of our daily lives progress, we believe in the value of access to a blood test method of disease detection.
Detection of primary, secondary, and tertiary tumors
by sub-type
Determination of harbinger cells of cancer
Identification of specific markers that uniquely depict,
diagnose, prognosis, characterize cancer
Early-stage detection of cancer
Staging of cancer from a simple, blood test
Development of a novel non-invasive,
patented 'HrC' test (NIHT)


Tzar Labs is pioneering a journey to detect all cancers, earlier than existing technologies with a novel blood test. We bring science and technology together on a mission to evolve the quality of human lives and healthcare. Tzar Labs is a molecular diagnostic company that specializes in the detection and prognosis of cancer at its earliest stage. A first of its kind blood test that can detect cancer even years before the symptoms occur is paving the way for efficient early detection and treatment.


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